• Item PreviewDescent on glacier Morteratsch

    Descent on glacier Morteratsch

    Livigno by car via the Forcola Pass and Bernina Pass to the station of the cable car “Diavolezza”; by cable car we reach 3000 meters of refuge Diavolezza where starts the descent; initially along the path, then crossing the glacier directly Vedret Pers, at the foot of the north face of Piz Palu. After the break Isola Persa a natural staircase leads the glacier we walk to its end at about 2000 meters in the Valley Morteratsch.

  • Item PreviewAdventure in “Val
    delle Mine”

    Adventure in “Val delle Mine”

    A fantastic route through the Val delle Mine region, thrilling due to a short railway and cable car over the river, followed by river crossings and paths that require your balance and skill.

  • Item PreviewClimbing trail “La Resgia”

    Climbing trail “La Resgia”

    This fixed rope route is perfectly fitted on a wall of almost 500 meters in the green woods of the Engadine region. Transfer by car to Pontresina ,just a few minutes walk and the adventure begins: steps, stringers, deck ropes, and much more. Fantastic views of the peaks of the Bernina mountain group and on the waterfall which falls a few meters from the path.

  • Item PreviewClimbing trail “Piz Trovat”

    Climbing trail “Piz Trovat”

    Equipped route on the west face of Piz Trovat, in front of the glaciers “Piz Palu” and “Piz Bernina”. Ascent with the cable car “Diavolezza”, short downhill path to the railway ; after 500 step and the impressive suspension bridge you reach the peak at 3146 meters which offers a breathtaking views on the entire “Bernina” mountain range group .

  • Item PreviewPhotografic Safari in the National Park

    Photografic Safari in the National Park

    Fantastic excursion in the wild valleys of the northern area of Livigno ,in the Stelvio National Park, to observe and photograph the typical animals of our mountains: ibex, chamois, deer, roe deer, marmot, golden eagle, bearded vulture. For wildlife observation it is necessary to start early in the morning in small groups. The mountain guide who accompanies you is equipped with binoculars, telescope and tripod.

  • Item PreviewTrekking Indiviual

    Trekking Individual

    Individuals or groups can book one or more days with an Alpine Guide or companion of Mountain Media, who is dedicated to them, to plan and experience the mountains tailored to your needs.

  • Item PreviewClimbing tower

    Climbing tower

    Climbers of all levels can have fun on the climbing tower at the sports center in via Dala Gesa.

    Routes of varying difficulty from 4a to 7c .

  • Item PreviewBasic course of mountaineering

    Basic course of mountaineering

    The course aims to convey the technical knowledge necessary to move independently of easy climbing routes. There are three classes divided as follows:

    First day on the rock, second day on the glacier, the course ends with on icy terrain at high altitude. Overnight accommodation in cabins or camp.

  • Item PreviewTry to climb

    Try to climb

    Climbing fascinates you but you’ve never had the opportunity to try? This is our proposal for you: two hours with the Mountain Guide to learn about the technical basics necessary to climb, wearing the harness and try to climb and even to go down … you will definitely like this.

  • Item PreviewTrekking


    Two or more days in the nature along the paths and the valleys of Livigno, Alta Valtellina and Engadine. Overnight accommodation in cabins and / or camp or, for the more daring, sleeping under the stars.

  • Item PreviewBasic climing course

    Basic climing course

    The basics to start climbing by yourself: the basic movements, the material, the fundamental issues and security systems .

    The course takes place on the climbing gyms in Livigno; The course will be delivered in approximately two afternoons with 6 total hours of teaching.

  • Item PreviewLong routes – multi-pitch

    Long routes – multi-pitch

    Climbing on big walls of the Alps along the pitches that made ​​the history of mountaineering. Some examples : the north edge of the shovel, the Via Cassinshovel, Edge to Win Cengalo, the Dolomites, Albigna . Some climbs are manageable in the day, for others it is necessary to stay overnight.