The artificial lake, which has occupied the north of the Spoel Valley for thirty years, is certainly the element that has changed the look of the territory, completely changing the character of the valley itself.


The negotiations that led to the construction of the dam at Ponte del Gallo were very time-consuming because of the international character of the Spoel waters. This river runs for about 23 miles along the valley, before entering Swiss territory, running right through the Swiss National Park and ending in Zernez, in Upper Engadine, where the Livigno river flows into the Inn.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Switzerland was concerned with the exploitation of the Inn and to do this it was necessary to build an artificial lake to balance the uneven flow. The area for building the seasonal reservoir was chosen in the Spoel Valley.


The lake is great asset to Livigno and offers its visitors a lot of recreational activities. You can enter the Stelvio National park by using the walking tracks which lead just beside the lake. This is a nice option to do some lake hiking. Especially in the months of Mai and June you can take of your shoes and walk through the dried up part of the lake. The feeling of the soft and still moist ground under your feet is fantastic.

For all who are looking to be more sportive, there are many other activites, such as windsurfing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, kite surfing and more. Finally, you will find a lot of space next to the lake to just relax, close your eyes or enjoy the beautiful scenery.